About me : Webdesigner & Developper

With an artistic background, I have been creating web applications since 1998. Specialized in WordPress and a front-end developer, I have a keen interest in UI concepts, graphic design, and green code. I am constantly learning and am self-taught by choice. My current projects revolve around plugin and templating and headless WordPress and POO MVC with PHP(7-8) via Symfony 6 framework. I dabble in Android in my spare time… You can contact me here and/or download my CV.
Just finished a training of 3months of Symfony framework with #WildCodeSchool

Currently full available for missions as developper, in France and/or Portugal.

Intégrator / Web Developer WordPress specialist (9 months)

Certifications: Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3, MVC PHP Architecture , Boostrap Coding

gsap -- slick -- owl -- librairie -- photoshop -- api rest -- photoshop -- github -- symfony -- vscode -- laravel -- wordpress -- doctype -- elementor
sass -- gridcss -- json -- javascript -- jquery -- flexbox -- php -- react -- vue -- jsx -- html -- css3 -- scss